Simar and Prem to unite Piyush and Vaidehi in Sasural Simar Ka


Simar and Prem have realized Piyush’s feelings for Vaidehi. Prem tells Simar that Piyush is not able to tell his feelings to Vaidehi. Simar asks why is my help needed if Piyush has a champion to help him. She laughs and says we both will help Piyush. Prem gets glad.

There is Makar Sankranti celebrations in Bharajwaj house. Mata ji decides to make team of two members each. She says the team will be made by this chit bowl. Anjali’s in laws are also part of this celebrations. Simar gets the bowl with chits. Everyone chooses partners by the chits. Simar and Prem make a team. Mata ji says none can separate Simar and Prem. Vaidehi gets Piyush’s name in her chit. Piyush gets glad and tells Vaidehi that they will make everyone lose. Simar tries to end Anjali and Tai ji’s distance. Vaidehi gives til laddoos to everyone. Simar and everyone like the laddoos and praise it. Simar asks Tai ji how did she learn to make such good laddoos. Tai ji tells about her traditions. Simar says its time you take tradition ahead, teach the laddoo making to Anjali. Simar and Prem are trying to bridge gaps between Anjali and her inlaws. Keep reading.


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