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Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Chandra Nandni:Nandini took Chandra by the temple route, knowing her father Padmanand is going to attack on Chandra. Nandini gets hurt by a thorn, while Chandra removes the thorn from her feet. Nandini gets in dilemma to support her father or Chandra.

Chandra gets saved after Nandini chooses him over revenge. Later on, Acharya is annoyed with Chandra. Acharya punishes Chandra angrily and beats on his palms with a stick till the stick breaks. Chandra apologizes to Acharya and asks him to forgive him. Chandra is falling in love with Nandini. Chandra always does justice. He has forgiven Nandini for a serious crime. He has mended the palace rules only for Nandini.

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Avni has come to stay in Dayavanti’s house after the latter snatched Aman. Avni keeps Asha’s pic in her room. Dayavanti throws the photo frame and is angry. She tells Avni that they don’t hang photos on the wall. She scolds Avni for fixing Asha’s pic. She tears the pic and throws it.

Dayavanti keeps Avni hungry and locks her in the room. Avni cries and hugs the pic. Riya tells Dayavanti that Avni was going to her room to take Aman and run away, but I have got her back here. Avni has broken all ties with Ashish. Dayavanti is torturing Avni.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

The blackmailer is still on loose. Ruhi does not know who is plotting against her. Raman and Ishita get a clue about the blackmailer by seeing the tattoo on his hand. Will they find out the real culprit?

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik’s Dadi is taking Naira’s test. She keeps a condition for marriage. She asks Naira to leave her name and lose her identity. Dadi asks Naira to take a vow and they will write same name in wedding invitation also. She says Kartik’s wife name will be Sumegha.

Naira has to lose her name to marry Kartik. Dadi says its tradition in Goenka family, that Dadi keeps her bahu’s names. Naira does abshagun by entering home before Grahpravesh. Dadi tells this is the solution to solve the abshagun effects. Naira does not vow. She cries and tells Dadi that Akshara and Naitik have named her Naira by joining their names, and she can’t leave her name. Naksh, Naitik and everyone do not agree to Kartik’s Dadi.


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