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Swabhimaan: Kunal, Meghna and everyone dance in the engagement celebrations. Both the families are happy. It was Sharda’s dream getting fulfilled.

There is abshagun as the name sign board falls down. Kunal’s name gets removed from the board, which makes Sharda worried.

Naina pushes Meghna as the board was falling over Meghna. Naina and Karan manage to hold the board. Naina and Karan get hurt while balancing the weight of the board. Kunal gets glad seeing Karan’s concern. Kunal calls Karan a real life hero and thanks him for saving them from this disaster. Sharda thinks the things are happening soon. She is glad as the family is good. She expects everything to go on smoothly.

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Soumya is a kinner and can’t take the family ahead. Surbhi will be marrying Harman to complete Soumya’s life. Harman marries both Soumya and Surbhi together.

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Sasural Simar Ka:

Prem and Simar’s evergreen romance will be seen. Prem flies the kite, and Simar supports him. There is a lovely moment between them. Piyush came to participate in Dancing Jodi of the city along with Roshni. The family comes to watch his performance. Piyush and Vaidehi have a romantic dance. Everyone gets surprised. Piyush had to perform with Roshni. Roshni likes him, but he likes Vaidehi. Roshni gets jealous seeing them performing in the dance competition. Vaidehi also likes Piyush. Piyush sees love in Vaidehi’s eyes and does not know why is she getting away. Vaidehi gets away from him thinking she is coming between him and Roshni.


Rishi has taken Sardar ji’s disguise to expose Malaika. Rishi has made an entry in the marriage. Malaika does not know the groom is not Rishi, but someone else. Rishi smiles seeing Malaika’s marriage. Everyone is happy seeing the marriage.

Rano is glad to make Malaika her bahu. Malaika is on cloud nine thinking she has married Rishi by all rituals, and now nothing can happen. Rishi planned to swap the groom, so that he can flop Malaika and Shekhar’s evil plan. Rishi makes her friend sit in the mandap instead him. Rishi cleverly swapped the groom and is happy to get saved from Malaika. After the marriage completes, Shekhar makes an entry and asks Rishi to get ready to go to jail, as he married Malaika without giving divorce to his first wife.





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