Swabhimaan — Marriage twist


Kunal, Meghna and everyone dance in the engagement celebrations. Both the families are happy. It was Sharda’s dream getting fulfilled. There is abshagun as the name sign board falls down. Kunal’s name gets removed from the board, which makes Sharda worried.

Naina pushes Meghna as the board was falling over Meghna. Naina and Karan manage to hold the board. Naina and Karan get hurt while balancing the weight of the board. Kunal gets glad seeing Karan’s concern. Kunal calls Karan a real life hero and thanks him for saving them from this disaster. Sharda thinks the things are happening soon. She is glad as the family is good. She expects everything to go on smoothly. Nevertheless, Sharda’s struggles are increasing. Kunal’s father tells her that they will keep Kunal and Meghna’s marriage in a week’s time. Sharda compromises with her self esteem and goes to her brother in law to seek his help. Sharda takes loan from her brother in law for Meghna’s marriage. Will Meghna let Sharda compromise? Keep reading.


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