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Udaan:Chakor tells Suraj not to come back to Aazaadgunj and is sure to manage everything alone. Chakor shows Suraj’s message to Bhaiya ji, and states Suraj has boarded his flight for Dubai. She angers Bhaiya ji by showing him the mirror of truth that he can never catch Suraj now.

Bhaiya ji gets angry and orders a bomb to kill Chakor. Girja hears Bhaiya ji’s plans. She rushes to inform Tejaswini that Bhaiya ji is planning to kill Chakor on her birthday. Tejaswini thinks to stop Chakor from going to haveli.


Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki has kidnapped Kabir and threatens him. Kabir asks what’s happening. Thapki scolds him and asks him not to call her and Bihaan’s relation illegitimate. She calls him illegitimate. She gives him final warning and asks him to be away from Bihaan, else she will not leave him. Kabir is troubling Bihaan and Thapki. Thapki retaliates Kabir’s plans. Thapki is doing all this for Bihaan. Even when Bihaan is hurting her, she stands as a shield in front of him. Kabir gets angry and argues with her. Kabir does not want to hurt Thapki, but wants to take revenge from Bihaan. Kabir does not know what to do, as Thapki is with Bihaan now.

Badho Bahu:

Komal has tried everything to win Lucky’s heart. She could not win his love. She regrets that Lucky could not see her heart and love in front of her weight. She failed to impress Lucky. She loves Lucky a lot and decides to leave from the house for Lucky’s happiness. She informs Lucky that she is leaving the house and now his smile will return on his face. She thinks Lucky and her love story can never start. Will Lucky stop Komal?

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Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai:

Anita is worried by Vibhuti’s unemployment. Tiwari suggests Anita to tell Vibhuti about loss in her earnings. He asks her to pressurize Vibhuti to do some job. Anita cries and tells Vibhuti about the loss in her work and earnings. She asks Vibhuti to do some job to balance the house expenses. Vibhuti comes up with an idea to take Masakali’s avatar. He joins Gulfam Kali’s Mujra place and performs as a dancer to earn a living. Anita does not know about Vibhuti’s secret job. Vibhuti learns classical dance steps from Angoori ji. Tiwari finds about Vibhuti’s dancer avatar.

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