Yuvraaj to get drugged; More twists ahead in Suhani Si Ek Ladki


Suhani does not tell Sambhav’s truth to Saiyyam, realizing Saiyyam will not believe it. She wants Saiyyam to find out the truth on his own. Saiyyam finds evidence against Sambhav and gets a big shock. He realizes Sambhav has been lying to him till now.

Sambhav does not know Saiyyam is finding out his plans. Sambhav troubles Suhani and hurts her emotionally by burning Yuvraaj’s memories. Suhani does not break down. Sambhav gives a drug to Yuvraaj and attempts to kill him. He forces Suhani to dance until the music plays or till she falls down. Suhani dances to save Yuvraaj’s life. She begs Sambhav to spare Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj gets injured. Dadi realizes where Sambhav has kept Yuvraaj. Before Dadi could inform Suhani the actual place, Sambhav kidnaps Dadi also. Sambhav keeps Dadi with Yuvraaj. Dadi leaves a clue for Suhani. Suhani gets that clue about Yuvraaj’s whereabouts. She decides to follow the leads and reach him. Sambhav hurts himself to gain Saiyyam’s sympathy again. Sambhav threatens Suhani to follow his commands if she wants to see Yuvraaj and Dadi alive. Will Saiyyam help Suhani? Keep reading.



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