Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Kasam: Tanuja leaves from Rishi’s house. She meets with an accident. Neha calls Bani and says Tanuja got conscious. Bani asks Tanuja to take rest. Tanuja opens eyes and finds herself in her old house.

Bani and Neha try to provoke Tanuja against Rishi and Rano. Tanuja asks how did I come here. Bani says I could not see your state, I went to Rishi’s house, I have seen Malaika with Rishi, Rano and Malaika knew everything and tortured you. Tanuja says no, you are mistaken. Tanuja wants to run away and meet Rishi.


Suraj gets cheated by his loyal servant Sikhu. Suraj beats up Sikhu a lot. Sikhu was following Ragini’s orders and got Suraj to Ragini as per the planning. Bhaiya ji makes people play dhol as Suraj has become his bandhua. Bhaiya ji ignites fire and tells Suraj that he will kill Tejaswini. Chakor shouts to Suraj and asks him not to accept failure.

Bhaiya ji tells everyone that he will celebrate new year in his own way. He asks the man to do celebrations arrangements. He goes to Suraj with the bandhua stamp. Chakor, Suraj and Tejaswini get caught. Chakor tries hard to save Suraj. Suraj tells Bhaiya ji that you can kill me, but not make me your bandhua, bandhuas are not made by contracts, bandhuas are made if one loses courage to fight. Chakor shouts you can’t make Suraj your bandhua. Bhaiya asks Suraj to sign contract, or see Tejaswini dying. Suraj refuses to sign. Ragini says fine, we will end this game. Ragini ignites fire.

Naagin 2:

Mahish and Sesha have an argument. Mahish holds her neck and shows his hatred for her. Sesha goes to Mahish to take Naagmani and tries to get it by using her charm. Sesha and Mahish have a deal. Mahish agrees to her deal. Mahish is happy as he has Naagmani with him. He tells Sesha that he will get Rocky for her, and she has to help him and find the eighth killer. Avantika, Sesha and Yamini make a plan to get Naagmani from Mahish. Yamini and Avantika do not know that Sesha has double crossed them, and did the deal with Mahish. Sesha has failed Yamini’s plan.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Kabir is falling in love with Thapki. He gets concerned for her and does aid to her wound, as she gets hurt in cricket match. Thapki does not like Kabir. She made plan to catch Kabir red handed. Bihaan comes to ask Thapki if she is fine. Thapki asks Kabir not to say anything against Bihaan. Bihaan recalls the old moments spent. Bihaan and Thapki cry seeing each other. There will be a romantic dream dance sequence between Thapki and Bihaan.


Preeto keeps Harman and Surbhi’s haldi. Harman wants to teach a lesson to Preeto and accept Soumya again. Soumya gets Surbhi for haldi. Preeto applies haldi to Surbhi and Harman. Preeto does not want anyone to know about the marriage.

She keeps Harman and Surbhi’s haldi at same place, by keeping a curtain in between. The guy and girl’s sides are divided. Soumya cries seeing the haldi. Surbhi is marrying Harman only for Soumya’s side. Preeto makes Soumya apply haldi to Harman and Surbhi. Soumya does not know Harman’s plan, that he will marry her also. Harman and Surbhi get married by all rituals. Harman fills sindoor in her maang. Surbhi has vowed to get justice for Soumya. Surbhi holds Soumya’s hand and takes wedding rounds with Harman.

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