Surbhi’s special support for Soumya in Shakti


Preeto keeps Harman and Surbhi’s haldi. Harman wants to teach a lesson to Preeto and accept Soumya again. Soumya gets Surbhi for haldi. Preeto applies haldi to Surbhi and Harman. Preeto does not want anyone to know about the marriage.

She keeps Harman and Surbhi’s haldi at same place, by keeping a curtain in between. The guy and girl’s sides are divided. Soumya cries seeing the haldi. Surbhi is marrying Harman only for Soumya’s side. Preeto makes Soumya apply haldi to Harman and Surbhi. Soumya does not know Harman’s plan, that he will marry her also. Harman and Surbhi get married by all rituals. Harman fills sindoor in her maang. Surbhi has vowed to get justice for Soumya.


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Surbhi holds Soumya’s hand and takes wedding rounds with Harman. Soumya gets a shock and tries to stop Surbhi. Surbhi refuses to take rounds without Soumya. Everyone was shocked seeing the strange marriage.

Surbhi is the connecting link between them. Surbhi did this marriage to make Harman and Soumya’s relation strong. Preeto will plan to break Surbhi and Soumya.

Soumya decorates the room for Harman and Surbhi. He fixes a huge portrait of Harman and Surbhi. She gets sad while decorating the room for the newly weds. Soumya loves Harman, and is sad that her dreams have shattered. She holds the pain in her heart. Preeto asks Soumya to decorate the room, so that Soumya can accept the reality soon. Soumya takes her and Harman’s pic. Surbhi comes to the room and sees Soumya crying. Surbhi cries and hugs Soumya. They both get emotional. Soumya accepts Surbhi as her sautan, and gives her rights on Harman. What will Surbhi do to get Soumya’s rights? Keep reading.


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