Suhail’s true intention to surface in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Adi and Aaliya try to solve Mani and Shagun’s problems. They try to bring Mani and Shagun together. Aaliya emotionally blackmails Mani and asks him to go to resort with Shagun.

Mani does not want to give any chance to Shagun. He is annoyed. Aaliya makes a plan and convinces Mani. Mani agrees to go with Shagun. Mani keeps condition that he will go to resort if Adi and Aaliya come along. Adi and Aaliya refuse. Shagun asks Adi and Aaliya to come along, else she will tell their breakup truth to Mani and Bhalla family. Adi and Aaliya agree to go along them.

Meanwhile, Raman is angry reading the news. He throws the newspaper and says its society’s mistake to allow men to do anything and limit women. He reads the molestation news, and gets angry. Raman says women make the country name shine, they deserve freedom. Mrs. Bhalla calms him down. Raman is worried for female members of his house. Ruhi comes for breakfast and gets upset seeing Ishita. She leaves from the breakfast table. Ruhi and Ishita’s relation is suffering because of Suhail.

On the other hand, Suhail’s real face has come out. Suhail was acting to be good. He kidnaps his uncle and tortures him, asking him not to tell anything to Bhallas. He asks why did you tell Ishita that my dad committed suicide, now you will get punished, Ishita understood I m lying. He injects medicine to his uncle. Suhail’s dad committed suicide because of Raman. He says his cousin was helping him in blackmailing Ruhi, and then decided to double cross him and expose him in front of Ruhi. He tells his uncle how he killed his cousin to stop the truth from coming out.

Suhail says I have got friendly with Ruhi to take revenge from Raman. He ties his uncle and leaves him alive. Suhail has revenge fire in his heart. He burns all the proof. He erases tattoo artist records also. He kidnapped the tattoo artist as well and threatens him not to tell anyone about his real identity. Niddhi has asked Suhail to do this. Suhail meets Niddhi in jail. Niddhi is with Suhail in this revenge plotting. Niddhi has used Ruhi and made Suhail enter Ruhi’s life, knowing Ruhi is Raman and Ishita’s weakness. Ishita senses the new storm coming in their lives. Niddhi and Suhail together will take down Bhallas. Keep reading.


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