Gopi’s Basanti act to save Urvashi next in Saathiya


Urvashi runs away from Gaura’s clutches. Gaura sees Urvashi running and asks the men to catch her. Gopi comes to temple with Kokila and Jaggi. Urvashi gets between the crowd and sees Gopi at the temple.

Gopi calls out Urvashi. Urvashi asks Gopi to come to her. Before, Urvashi could tell Gaura’s truth to Gopi, Gaura and her goons look for Urvashi. Urvashi is trapped by Gaura’s planning this time. Gaura flies kite and cuts Urvashi’s neck by the glass thread. Gopi gets shocked and runs to Urvashi. Gopi has to save Urvashi’s life. She sees Urvashi unwell and takes Urvashi in the horse chariot. Gaura wanted to kill Urvashi. Gopi’s phone falls down and she could not contact Jaggi. Gaura and Gopi’s fight and drama will go on. The sholay twist and Gopi’s act of Basanti will be interesting to watch. Keep reading.


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