New love triangle commences with Manav’s entry in Kasam

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Bedi family is behind bars and blame Tanuja for their arrest. Tanuja gets to know that her Nani has played this game and put wrong blames on Bedi family to get them beaten up. Tanuja gets angry knowing its her family’s mistake and says I will not bear anything wrong.

Rishi meets his family in jail and is shocked seeing everyone behind bars. Rano tells Rishi that Tanuja has done all this. She says Tanuja has come with Bani, and put us behind bars by fake accusations. She said I have harassed her, and now she will give me pain too, she got entire family behind bars. Raj tells Rishi that he is trying to understand what is happening. Rano says I m ashamed to think of the bad blames Tanuja has put on us. Rishi says relax, I will talk to Tanuja and everything will be fine. Rano asks will she listen to you, will she free us after getting us arrested, why will she agree now, she called Raj as Bau ji and became great after helping Smiley, if she hated me, why did she get everyone arrested.

Rano dislikes Tanuja and feels Tanuja did this intentionally. Tanuja argues with Bani and Neha. Neha slaps Tanuja to stop her at home. Tanuja does not bear any injustice now. She slaps Neha and asks her not to interfere in her life. Bani and Neha framed Bedi family for Tanuja’s accident and domestic violence. Tanuja asks Neha not to say a word against Rishi. Tanuja wants to meet the doctor, who made that report. She meets the doctor and asks him to make a new report, so that she can submit it in police station to free Bedis. Doctor Manav gives the new report to Tanuja and helps her. Actor Rohit Khurana has entered the show as doctor Manav. There will be love triangle between Manav, Tanuja and Rishi.






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