Post bandhua drama gets high for SuKor in Udaan


The goons tie Suraj to the pole in the stable. Suraj’s days and nights got worse. He regrets to have a father like Bhaiya ji, who has punished him this way. Bhaiya ji is mad in revenge. Chakor cries seeing the bandhua stamp on Suraj’s hand.

Chakor hides and takes the food for Suraj. Chakor feeds food to Suraj. Suraj wipes her tears. He advises her to protect herself as her life is in danger. He says stop helping me, and don’t show herogiri. She asks him to understand her emotions, she is broken within. Chakor cries and tells Suraj that she will support him till her death. Suraj says I m fine, why are you crying. Chakor says I have always supported villagers, and you are my husband, how can I leave you. Suraj and Chakor flow in emotions. Suraj is locked in the stable and chained. Chakor can’t see him staying in such state. She says you don’t know what I m going through seeing you. Suraj asks her to be strong. He pretends to show everything is fine, and encourages her. They both start valuing each other. Chakor goes to Bhaiya ji and Ragini, and challenges them that she will get Suraj freed soon. Bhaiya ji threatens to kill Suraj and Chakor.


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