Knocking twists with Parmeet’s entry in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Bhalla family has got a festival to celebrate. Raman asks what’s happening. Mrs. Bhalla reminds him that its Lohri fest. Adi and Ruhi get busy in decorating bhalla house for Lohri function. Mrs. Bhalla makes the sweets.

The family is very happy and look forward for the celebrations. Ananya tells everyone that her dad is going to come to celebrate Lohri with them. Raman gets angry hearing this. He says Ananya can meet Parmeet outside the house, I send Ananya to Karnaal to meet her grandparents, if Parmeet planned something to come here, I will burn him alive in Lohri fire. Simmi says Parmeet came Delhi, he called me and requested that he wants to meet Ananya, she is excited to meet Parmeet, she asked me to call Parmeet here, after hearing we are inviting family and friends here. Ishita asks Raman to calm down, every Papa is the hero for daughter, Parmeet means a lot for Ananya. Mrs. Bhalla agrees with Ishita.

Raman agrees to allow Parmeet come home. Parmeet comes home to meet Ananya. He wants to impress Simmi and family. Ananya is very happy, while everyone get shocked. Parmeet has come back in Simmi’s life. Parmeet wants to reconcile with Simmi. Parmeet gifts Simmi and Ananya. Simmi is worried thinking of Gaurav’s marriage proposal. Parmeet also proposes Simmi and asks her to think of Ananya’s happiness. Ruhi is worried for Suhail. No one has invited Suhail for Lohri. Raman and Ishita are worried seeing Ruhi’s inclination for Suhail. Mrs. Bhalla asks Pihu to help her in making garlands. Pihu asks for new bangles. Ishita says I will get suit and matching bangles for Pihu, Ananya and Ruhi.


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