New twist: Priyanka’s MMS to shock Omkara in Ishqbaaz

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Shivay tries to find more info about Shwetlana’s past. Omkara gets to see news of Shivay winning best businessman award. Omkara gets annoyed that Shivay has hidden this good news from him. Shivay assumes Mrs. Kapoor has sent the recording to Omkara. He asks Omkara to leave the video, nothing will change between them by this truth. Omkara says everything will change after this. Omkara does drama and then breaks out that he was saying about Shivay’s success. Shivay’s stress gets less.

Anika congratulates Shivay. Shivay says Tej is winning since 15 years. Omkara says the award is coming in right house, but in wrong man’s hands, this year it will be coming in right man’s hands, I m proud of you. Shivay says you are my brother. Shivay hugs Omkara. Rudra asks them how can they hug without him. The brothers hug. Shwetlana asks Rumi to send the video to Rudra. Omkara says it maybe same video of Shivay’s success. Rudra does not check the MMS. Rudra praises Shivay. Omkara happens to check the MMS in Rudra’s phone.

Omkara gets a big shock seeing Priyanka’s indecent MMS shot by Abhishek at the trekking camp. Shwetlana’s plan fails as Rudra does not check the video. She tells Rumi to make Omkara her target now. Omkara gets much hurt and hides the MMS matter from Rudra. Omkara deletes the MMS and throws the phone. Sahil picks up Rudra’s phone. He asks Omkara what’s the problem. He returns the phone to Omkara. Omkara says I m fine and sends Sahil.

Rumi calls on and threatens Omkara about leaking Priyanka’s MMS. Omkara scolds Rumi angrily. He wonders why will anyone get after Priyanka, is it someone related to the accident. Rumi asks Omkara to agree to her demands. Omkara happens to see Shwetlana on call and doubts that Shwetlana is blackmailing him. He thinks to follow Shwetlana. Shwetlana lays the trap for Omkara. Shivay and Anika go to look for Omkara.






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