TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Naagin 2:

Sesha and Avantika get worried seeing Yamini acting weird. Sesha has prepared an injection for Mahish. Sesha has told Yamini that Mahish will fall down by this injection. Yamini was thinking Mahish will be out of her way now. Sesha goes to Mahish to talk to him and give him the injection. Just then, Yamini unknowingly slips and gets injected instead Mahish. Yamini screams. Mahish asks what happened. Yamini makes bull sounds. Sesha and Avantika take Yamini to room, and think they can’t take Yamini to hall.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi:

There will be seven year leap in the show. Dev and Sonakshi will be seen separated. Sonakshi will be looking after her career, while Dev will be seen in a cool avatar than in formals. Dev will be seen in a new light.


Suraj’s state gets worse when Bhaiya ji tortures him. Bhaiya ji gives a task to Chakor. He asks Chakor to get the water from the land by running the motor manually. He says if she succeeds, only then Suraj will get the water. Chakor does the tough task for Suraj’s sake.


Gopi admits Urvaashi in the hospital. Kokila meets Urvashi and asks her how did this happen with her. Urvashi names Gaura. Gaura hides and hears Urvashi telling about her.


Harman teaches Lohri dance to Soumya. Soumya falls down. Harman holds her. Harman has become dance teacher of Soumya. He wants to dance in Lohri along with Soumya. Surbhi comes there. Soumya gets stubborn and asks Harman to dance with Surbhi in Lohri.

Harman gets annoyed and leaves from there. Preeto asks Soumya to remove her mangalsutra. Preeto takes Soumya mangalsutra. She wants Surbhi to wear the mangalsutra. Pandit comes home. Preeto fears that pandit will know the truth of Soumya. Surbhi feels bad and cries. Surbhi is bearing everything silently, but wants justice for Soumya.


Mannu has come back to Pavaniya house with the aim of securing Amba, who lost her memory. Mannu plans to expose Sushila’s truth. Mannu makes Sushila drink the bhaang. Raavi gets to know Sushila has killed Deena. Mannu plans to expose Sushila in front of panchayat.


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