Veer and Sanjana malign Naina’s image in Pardes


Veer misbehaves with Naina. Veer plays this trick to defame Naina and make her leave from the house. Veer manipulates and asks Naina to leave him, and stop misbehaving.

Veer shows the family that Naina was harassing him. Sanjana scolds Naina for harassing Veer. She shows the proof against Naina. She reads Naina’s message in Veer’s phone, which Sanjana has sent by Naina’s phone. Naina tells Dadi that she has not sent such messages to Veer. Naina tells Raghav that he knows very well that she can never do this. She asks Raghav whom does he trusts. She says I know you don’t love me, but there is trust between us. Asha can’t see Naina’s state and Mehra family insulting her. Asha asks Naina to come with her. Dadi slaps Veer angrily. Naina will definitely take revenge from Veer and Sanjana. Veer and Sanjana succeed to separate Raghav and Naina, and make Naina leave the house. Everyone in the family support Veer, while Dadi wants to believe Naina.


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