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Kasam: Rishi rushes Rano to the hospital, after she gets injured in police station. Rano could not bear the tortures in lockup. Rishi and family get worried for Rano’s state.


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Bhaiya ji and Ragini taunt Suraj and anger him. Suraj gets angry and holds Bhaiya ji’s collar. There is much drama between Suraj and Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji kicks Suraj. Chakor gets angered. Ragini makes Suraj away from Bhaiya ji.

Chakor is trying hard to save Suraj. The goons catch Chakor. Chakor and Suraj have a talk. Vivaan is angry by the sudden storm in his life. He angrily throws the things in his life, which hurts Imli. Pooja has accused Vivaan for molesting her. Vivaan is innocent, and is angry by the bad blames.

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Naagin 2:

Yamini has got drunk in Sushant’s birthday. Sushant gets attacked by Mahish. Shivangi gets to see the chandelier falling on Sushant, but could not help him. Sushant gets hit by the chandelier and falls unconscious. He was cutting the cake that moment, when the incident happens. Mahish wants the horn back. Shivangi is not ready to return the horn. Shivangi wants the Naagmani back. Mahish wants revenge and is pressurizing Shivangi to get his horn. Shivangi refuses to Mahish’s demands. Shivangi manages to help Sushant. Rocky gets shocked by the incident. Shivangi and Mahish threaten each other and argue. The party turns accidental for everyone.

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Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Sankara plays a dangerous plan. She scares Neha and threatens to kill her. Sankara says I want to kill Thapki, not you. Neha gets worried. Sankara says Thapki is not good to anyone, Bihaan oves Thapki, so Kabir married Thapki to take revenge from Bihaan. Neha gets influenced by Sankara’s words and agrees to take revenge. Thapki comes there and did not know Sankara’s madness. Sankara hides the knife from Thapki.





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