Gopi and Jaggi’s emotional moment in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Urvashi’s life is in danger. Jaggi sees her critical and is in shock. He scolds the doctors and asks them to save Urvashi. Doctor says we can’t save Urvashi’s life and asks him to just pray. Jaggi gets angry and takes a scissor to hit the doctor. He gets his anger out on doctors. Jaggi does not know what he will do if anything happens to Urvashi. Urmila consoles Jaggi. Everyone pacify Jaggi.

Kokila is in jail on the blame of attempting to kill Urvashi. Paridhi and Mona are happy and taunt Gopi over the matter. Jaggi supports Gopi. Gopi cries and hugs Jaggi. It’s their first ever emotional moment. Gopi and Jaggi are upset over Urvashi and Kokila’s problem. Jaggi is hurt that Urvashi is not able to survive. Gopi is worried for Kokila. Paridhi and Mona pass comments on Jaggi. How will Gopi and Jaggi manage to expose Gaura? Keep reading.


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