Sankara and Neha join hands against Thapki


Sankara plays a dangerous plan. She scares Neha and threatens to kill her. Sankara says I want to kill Thapki, not you. Neha gets worried. Sankara says Thapki is not good to anyone, Bihaan oves Thapki, so Kabir married Thapki to take revenge from Bihaan. Neha gets influenced by Sankara’s words and agrees to take revenge. Thapki comes there and did not know Sankara’s madness. Sankara hides the knife from Thapki. Sankara and Neha join hands against Thapki. The problems for Thapki will get high now.

Later on, Thapki gets a big shock seeing her eyes bleeding. She could not face the mirror and screams. She gets a shock and feels unwell. Vasundara takes care of her. Doctor checks Thapki. Bihaan gets worried seeing Thapki’s state. Doctor says Thapki has got some injury to eyes, that her eyes had bled. He tells its rare disease and it happens. He gives her the medicines and goes. Bihaan taunts Thapki and gets anger on her by recalling the past things. He says you need medicines by me, and suggests her some thing.


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