Anika’s ignoring move to annoy Shivay in Ishqbaaz

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Shivay wakes up and greets morning to Anika. Anika turns away and ignores Shivay. She hides behind the sofa. He thinks where did she go. She does not want to hear the ringing. Anika hears rings on seeing Shivay. She does not want to see Shivay often.

She is in love with Shivay. Her heart is restless and could not speak out her love confession to her. Shivay sees her running away and thinks what’s happening. She tries to avoid him, as she does not want to fall weak seeing Shivay.

Anika decided to ignore him. She hides in the cupboard. Shivay opens the cupboard to take the file. Anika passes the file to him. He wonders where is Anika, maybe she is spying on someone. He calls Anika and hears her phone ringing. He opens cupboard and asks her what is she doing in cupboard. She lies that she was just checking the clothes. Shivay figures out that something happened to Anika. He asks her why is she running away from him. He catches her. She hugs him and cries, unable to control her emotions. He gets annoyed with her for ignoring him. He then shows concern to her. Anika is very much in love with Shivay. Anika’s heart melts seeing his concern. Will she confess love to Shivay? Keep reading.






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