Dev’s sorrow and anger post separation in Kuch Rang….


Dev has lost his happiness. His heart is crying. He is annoyed with Ishwari. He holds Ishwari responsible for everything. Dev and Sonakshi are separated. Dev feels he is unlucky to lose his love.

He tells Ishwari that he trusted her a lot, and Ishwari did not support him in his decision to marry the girl he loves. He says you made the prenup papers and did not ask my decision. He says I will just take care of myself and not anyone else, I don’t care for anyone now. Dev is angry on her mother, because of the past. He asks Ishwari not to handle him when he shatters, as she has told this to him before. He says I will not get peace in your lap today, I will be happy from today, I will not get in your words now. He cries and regrets to respect every relation. He says you could not think of my happiness and did not love me, everyone left supporting me when it came to look after my happiness. He lost belief on relations. Ishwari cries seeing Dev’s trust on her breaking. Keep reading.


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