Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Chandra Nandni: Chandra and Nandini are not able to spend time, because of Moora and Dadi. Dadi makes a special plan. Moora asks Dadi not to go so soon. She asks Dadi to stay back and rest. Chandra goes to call Vaid. Moora and Dadi do not wish to leave from the palace. Dadi makes excuse of knee pain and tells Chandra that she can’t walk, she has to stay back for some more days. Dadi and Moora’s plan succeeds.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Aditya has come to Singhania house. Naira and Gayu dance practice at home. Aditya says Kartik has a great sight to check gems, as he has chosen a good diamond Naira for himself. He greets the elders and tries to show a good image.

Aditya flirts with Naira and Gayu. He practices dance with Naira. He asks Naira for a dance. Naira gets hesitant. Gayu asks Naira to teach dance to Aditya. Aditya takes advantage of this and tries to get close to Naira. Aditya does not love Kirti. He likes Naira and wants her in his life. He is trying best to get Naira.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Gopi could not leave Kokila in jail. Gopi also landed in jail. Jaggi talks to inspector to meet Gopi. Inspector says you are not allowed to meet Kokila or Gopi. Jaggi gives hot samosas for police staff. He tries to change inspector’s mind by acting friendly. He says I did not come to meet Gopi, I just came to serve police who is serving public. Inspector gets impressed by his talk. Jaggi takes the lockup keys from constable’s pocket. He goes to free Kokila and Gopi from lockup. Gaura meets Kokila and threatens to kill Modi family by blasting Modi house. Kokila is shocked seeing Gaura on her feet. Kokila gets helpless and cries.


Shwetlana comes to Oberoi mansion in a bad state and tells Tej about the rape attempt on her. Tej asks her to say who is responsible for it and swears to not leave that man. Shwetlana comes up with a cheapest plan to blame Omkara for molesting her.

She names Omkara for the crime, which comes as a big shock for the family. Tej can’t believe such a filthy blame on his son. Shwetlana tries best to convince Tej. Shwetlana has injured herself. Omkara says Shwetlana is saying nonsense, it’s all a lie. Shwetlana sheds crocodile tears. Shivay scolds Shwetlana. Shwetlana tells Shivay that she is saying truth, she knew no one will believe her, so she has the recording of Omkara’s crime. She shows the recording to Tej. Tej gets a big shock seeing the recording. Tej angrily slaps Om repeatedly.


Veer goes to meet Naina and apologizes to Naina on Raghav’s saying. Sanjana scolds Veer in front of Raghav and shows fake anger to convince Raghav for giving a chance to Veer. Naina does not listen to Veer and is angry on him. Veer’s confession is recorded. He does not want Dadi to know all that.

Naina does not forgive him and asks him to go away. Naina, Raghav Sanjana and Veer meet in the market, where there happens a terrorist attack. Naina scolds Veer and Sanjana, and tells them that she will not listen to them now. Suddenly, the terrorist start shooting in the market area.


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