Naina survives the terrorist attack in Pardes


Naina gets shot while saving Raghav, in the terrorist attack. Naina falls down. Raghav holds her in lap and cries. He feels Naina was right and he could not do justice with her. Raghav acts to die and gets the terrorist close.

He gets angry and beats the terrorist. He throws away the gun and fights with the terrorist. Raghav takes Naina to hospital. Raghav and everyone head home. Dadi gets worried hearing about terrorist attack.

Dadi asks Raghav did anyone get hurt. Raghav says everyone is fine, none got hurt. He asks Veer to tell truth to Dadi. Veer admits to Dadi that he was mistaken about Naina, and she is innocent. Dadi says Naina got humiliated because of me, we should have supported her, and we have made her leave house. She scolds Veer and regrets for the matter. She worries thinking will Naina forgive her or not. Naina comes there to meet Dadi. She asks Dadi not to apologize, and bless her being elder. She says I m not annoyed, no need to apologize. Dadi cries and thanks Naina.


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