Naira’s inclination towards Goenkas worries Kartik in Yeh Rishta….


Kartik and Naira’s invitation cards come to Singhania house. Naksh tells Naira that he has got the wedding invitation cards. He asks them to give fees to him to see the cards. Baisa says I will scold you. Naksh asks them to get sweets and gifts, instead beating.

Bhabhimaa gives him money and asks him to show card now. Naksh teases everyone and then shows them the invitation card. He distributes the cards. They check the cards happily. The family gets a shock seeing the date slip missing. Baisa says there is nothing inside, where is the main leave. The manager comes and gives the date slip.

Kartik and Naira, and their families are excited for the marriage. Naksh is trying hard to do his responsibilities and hopes that everything goes on smoothly. He finds Naira upset and asks her what’s the matter. He makes her smile. Naira says the wedding card is really good, I like it a lot. He asks her to tell the matter. She make excuses. Kartik and Manish’s huge arguments get known to Naira. Naira goes to talk to Manish and mend relations from Kartik’s side. Kartik gets much annoyed knowing Naira’s step to apologize to Manish. Naira goes to Goenka house to convince Kartik. The lovers fight because of Manish and Suwarna. Keep reading.


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