Shivay supports Anika against Pinky-Tia in Ishqbaaz

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Pinky accuses Anika for attempting to kill Tia. Shivay is in dilemma. Shivay takes Anika’s side and defends her. He says Anika can never do this. Pinky says she has done this, Tia was slipping and got saved.

Shivay tells Pinky that Anika saved Tia and she got hurt, I have seen it myself, I know she can’t do this. Pinky wants Anika to lave from the house. Anika gets sad. Shivay holds Anika’s hand and does not let her leave.

Pinky tells Shivay that Anika was adding glass pieces instead sugar in the juice glass, which was going to be served to Tia. Anika denies the blames. Shivay supports Anika, which surprises her. Pinky wants to get her heir soon, and is worried thinking Anika is trying to harm the heir. Pinky gets annoyed with Shivay for not supporting her. Shivay is supporting the right person and truth. Pinky feels insulted and goes mad that Shivay is saying he trusts Anika more than her. She is heartbroken that her son did not support her and disrespected her. Pinky tells Tia that she will save her from Anika and always support her. She feels Anika has done black magic on everyone. Keep reading.






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