Alliance and Allegations target Omkara in Ishqbaaz

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Shivay answers a call and gets shocked knowing about Omkara’s alliance. Tej finds Omkara irresponsible. Tej tells everyone that he forgot to inform them that Chaddas are coming home to meet Omkara for the alliance. Shivay says you are not allowed to invite Chaddas without asking Omkara.

Tej says who are you to decide this. Shivay says I m Omkara’s brother and his happiness matters to me. Jhanvi is sure that Omkara will never marry this way. Tej declares he will decide this alliance. Pinky asks Shivay not to get in this matter, let Tej do anything with his son.

Pinky finds Tej’s business model to get Omkara married to Chadda’s daughter. Tej says Shivay has a problem with this alliance after seeing this business merger. Shivay says I have a problem with this alliance if Omkara has a problem, this relation won’t happen if Omkara refuses. Pinky asks when will Omkara come home. Shivay says we will meet Chaddas, but none has to say yes to them, Omkara will he deciding it. Omkara comes home and hears the arguments. He asks what are they talking about. Tej gets angry seeing Omkara.

Shivay asks Omkara why did he not answer his calls. He tells Omkara about Chaddas’ getting Sonia’s alliance for him. He asks Omkara not to worry, they will decide according to his wish. Omkara agrees to do anything what Shivay says. Tej gets miffed hearing this, and says Omkara does not value father like he values a brother. Omkara says I agreed to Shivay after seeing a father like Tej.

After all the family drama, Shwetlana makes a shocking entry with a serious blame in mind to play around with Oberoi family. Oberois get shocked seeing Shwetlana’s miserable state. Tej asks Shwetlana where did you go. Shwetlana tells Tej that she has gone to find a house for herself, after everyone here asked her to move out, but someone has molested her even when she begged him to leave her. Tej asks her who is that person, just tell me once, I won’t leave him. Shwetlana names Omkara, leaving the family super shocked.






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