Badshah brightens KaiRa’s filmi sangeet in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik dresses as a woman and enters Singhania house to meet Naira. Naira gets shocked seeing Kartik. They both have romance. Kartik wanted to see ladies sangeet. Naksh catches the woman troubling Naira.

Naksh calls the woman a thief and calls out everyone. Naira shouts no, he is Kartik. Everyone gets shocked seeing Kartik and ask him what is he doing here, why did he come dressed as a woman. Kartik tells them excuses that he had to record their dance pattern and help Goenkas in winning the competition. He says I wanted to copy the dance pattern.

Kartik wanted to meet Naira. Everyone forgives Kartik for his silly mistake. Naira knew Kartik may come and her doubt gets certain. The sangeet function will have Badshah in a cameo role. The filmi sangeet party becomes special by famous rapper-singer Badshah. Badshah sings his super hit songs. Dadi gives this surprise to Singhanias. Naira is glad that Dadi has planned this surprise and showed interest in the marriage functions. Everyone dance with Badshah. The senior ladies shake a leg with Badshah. Keep reading.


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