Ishqbaaz — Sahil suspected for theft

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Pinky is scared that Anika can spoil Tia’s Lohri. Shakti asks her is she mad, Shivay and Anika got married, and its their first Lohri. She refuses to accept Anika as bahu. He says but Maa will not accept Tia as bahu.

Pinky argues and wants Tia to do puja with Shivay. Pinky and Dadi argue over Shivay’s wife. Everyone has different perception. For Pinky, just Tia looks deserving. The arrangements of Lohri begin. Tia makes a plan and puts theft blame on Sahil. Pinky scolds Sahil. Anika asks Shivay to believe Sahil. Shivay supports Sahil. Pinky taunts Sahil to be a thief. Shivay asks Pinky not to start it again. Shivay serves icecream to Sahil.

Pinky tells Shivay about Lohri function. She says Tia is ready and waiting for you. Shivay asks what shall I do. Pinky says we are punjabis and first Lohri after marriage is very importance, you have to come fast and do puja with Tia to keep family traditions. She remarks Tia is his wife. Dadi tells Shivay that its his and Anika’s first Lohri after marriage, and now they have to do the puja together. Shivay gets glad hearing Anika’s name and says I know its our family tradition and it can’t be broken. Dadi asks Shivay to get ready and come. Shivay agrees happily. Sahil says you are stuck now, both Anika and Tia are waiting. Shivay says it seems so. Sahil asks what’s the solution, Anika or Tia. Shivay says for me, option is only one… Anika. Keep reading,






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