KBC track to bring interesting challenges for Bihaan in Thapki Pyaar Ki

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Bihaan goes hunting for a job. Bihaan gets to know about game show, and gets shocked seeing Kabir as the host. Bihaan wants to win the prize money. Kabir taunts Bihaan to be uneducated. Bihaan is 8th class fail. Bihaan plays the game to save Pandey Nivaas. Pandey family accompanies Bihaan and encourages them. Kabir makes everyone upset by insulting Bihaan.

Kabir is the sponsor and selects Bihaan to come on jot seat. He wants revenge from Bihaan. He keeps condition that if Bihaan wins 5 crores, then Kabir will return Pandey Nivaas to Bihaan. Kabir intentionally got him in the show to break his courage and fail him. Kabir thinks Bihaan is responsible for Neha’s past. Kabir and Bihaan’s tashan will be seen. Kabir tries to show down Bihaan. The game show like KBC will bring an interesting track. Bihaan’s luck makes him win the game prize money. Bihaan gets Pandey Nivaas back.






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