Shivay takes a stand for Anika surprisingly in Ishqbaaz


Shivay stands for Anika. He clears out that Anika did not harm Tia and he is the witness himself. Pinky blames Anika for trying to kill his child. Shivay does not believe anything, and asks Pinky not to think wrong about Anika. Pinky gets angry on Anika for snatching her son. Shivay asks her not to blame Anika for the crime she did not do. He tells everyone that he trusts Anika completely, she can never do this.

Pinky says Anika has done this. Shivay defends Anika and tells Pinky that Anika saved Tia and got hurt, I have seen it myself. He says Anika is the one who is most concerned for the baby. Anika gets surprised and happy seeing him showing trust in her.

Pinky gets annoyed with Shivay. She says Anika did black magic on Shivay. Shivay says you don’t know her, I can guarantee Anika can’t do anything wrong, she can never hurt anyone.


Pinky says you have hurt me and broke my heart. Pinky feels bad and disrespected by Shivay. She takes Tia’s side and goes. Shivay cares for Anika. Anika cries seeing his concern. Shivay apologizes on Pinky’s behalf. He assures her that this won’t happen again. Anika worries for Tia’s baby. He asks her not to worry, the baby will be fine. She says you stood up for me and against your mom. He says I know you can never be wrong, I stood up for the right. She asks how can you be sure of this. He says I trust you, that’s why I m much sure you can never do this. Anika gets touched by his words.


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