Suhail gets verbal about revenge motives to IshRa in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Outside the court, Ishita slaps Suhail. Raman angrily attacks on Suhail. Police stops Raman. Suhail says Ruhi has gone to jail forever, so Raman got the shock and went mad. Suhail thanks his lawyer for proving him innocent.

Raman beats up Suhail more. Suhail laughs on Raman. Raman says my daughter went to jail because of Suhail. Mr. Bhalla and Romi stop Raman. Suhail tells Raman that you ruined my sister’s life and rejected her, today your happiness rejected you, when my dad died, I pledged to make you shed blood tears and today my revenge got fulfilled.

Suhail does not care for Bhallas. Suhail wants to free Niddhi from jail. Suhail heads to jail to give the good news to Niddhi about Ruhi’s arrest. Suhail and Niddhi will make sure that Ruhi does not get free. Mihika and everyone get angry on Ishita for letting Ruhi meet Suhail, as all this happened by Ishita’s mistake. Ruhi is sent to remand home. Raman angrily leaves from the court. Raman and Ishita will definitely try to get Ruhi freed. Suhail’s motives got fulfilled, but he does not want to stop his moves at this point. He plans to break down Bhalla family, by getting Niddhi as his strength. How will Niddhi and Suhail harm Bhallas next? Keep reading.


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