High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Ishqbaaz:Anika is annoyed with Shivay, who did not take a stand for Sahil. She asks Sahil is he fine. Sahil asks her what is the matter. Sahil explains her that maybe Shivay did not take his side as per some plan, Shivay would have something in his mind.

Anika does not understand what’s Shivay and Sahil’s matter. Shivay asks Anika to get ready for Lohri function. Anika refuses. He asks her to forget everything. Anika says I can’t do puja with Shivay after all he has spoiled everything.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Piyush prays to Mata Rani to save Vaidehi’s life. Everyone pray along Piyush. Piyush is worried for Vaidehi, who is fighting with death after Roshni poisoned the kheer. Simar sees Piyush’s painful prayers. Simar does the aarti and lights a diya. Everyone sees Piyush’s hands bleeding after he beats the Manjira while praying. Piyush wanted Mata Rani’s help. Vaidehi gets conscious and she walks to Piyush. Vaidehi stops Piyush from beating Manjira. She sees his bleeding hands and ties her dupatta to him. Piyush and everyone get relieved seeing Vaidehi fine. Everyone feel Piyush and Vaidehi are made for each other.

Naagin 2:

Shivangi cries seeing Rocky’s wound. Mahish has injured Rocky severely. Shivangi requests Seshnagh and says today a wife is standing in front of you, not a Naagin. She prays to Seshnagh, the king of snakes. Seshnagh tells Shivangi that if her love is true, then Rocky will get saved. Shivangi gets the Naagmani to treat Rocky’s wounds. Rocky was hurt by Mahish. Shivangi tells Rocky that she will give her life but not let him die. Rocky will get saved because of Shivangi’s true love. Shivangi is ready to die for Rocky. Seshnagh’s miracle returns Rocky’s breath.


Maya and Arjun’s sangeet gets happening. Maya’s life got colors by Arjun’s love. Maya and Arjun perform in the sangeet. The families are very happy for them. Jhanvi dances happily and wants the best future for Maya. Jhanvi opens the champagne bottle and drinks along with everyone. Saanjh is heartbroken and does not come in sangeet. There is a big twist coming next.


Rishi beats up the goons and saves Tanuja from them. Rishi asks Tanuja did she get hurt. He cares for her. They unite. Tanuja cries. The goon aims pistol at Rishi. Rishi gets Tanuja back. He beats the goon. The goons threaten to shoot Rishi. The goons try to make Tanuja sit in the car and tell her that her lover is gone. Rishi beats the goons a lot and asks them to learn a lesson. Rishi and Tanuja run inside the jungle to get saved from the goons.


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