Naira’s new task post sangeet in Yeh Rishta…

Kabeer disgusting act YRKKH

Kartik is made to play an interesting game in sangeet. After Kartik and Naira’s special performance, Naksh and Gayu ask Kartik to find Naira. They ask him to find his would be bride from the three women standing in ghunghat.

Kartik tells everyone that none of them is Naira. He knows Naira very well and sticks to his answer. He calls out Naira and gets her. Everyone praise Kartik’s true love. Gayu plans to steal Kartik’s shoes. Aditya tries to tease Naira. Naksh misses to see Aditya. He is very protective about Naira. He sees Naira leaving and asks her what happened. Naira shares the problem with him. Naksh accompanies her and wants to set everything right. Naira and Naksh head to get Manish and Suwarna in the sangeet. Will Naira be able to unite Kartik with his parents? Keep reading.


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