Shivangi brings Rocky back to life in Naagin 2


Mahish has the Naagmani and overpowers Rudra. Rudra asks Mahish to leave Guru Dev. Guru Dev warns Mahish not to come close. Mahish does not listen. He kills Guru dev by using his powers. Guru Dev’s sacrifice does not go waste.

Shivangi takes her revenge from Mahish, and gets the Naagmani. Shivangi prays to Seshnagh to save Rocky. Rocky’s life is in danger. Shivangi is much worried. She begs to Seshnagh to make Rocky absolutely fine.

Shivangi cries seeing Rocky’s wound. Mahish has injured Rocky severely. Shivangi requests Seshnagh and says today a wife is standing in front of you, not a Naagin. She prays to Seshnagh, the king of snakes. Seshnagh tells Shivangi that if her love is true, then Rocky will get saved. Shivangi gets the Naagmani to treat Rocky’s wounds. Rocky was hurt by Mahish. Shivangi tells Rocky that she will give her life but not let him die. Rocky will get saved because of Shivangi’s true love. Shivangi is ready to die for Rocky. Seshnagh’s miracle returns Rocky’s breath.



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