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Sasural Simar Ka: Piyush and Vaidehi exchange the varmala. He does rituals of marriage with her and starts taking the wedding rounds. They are very happy that their wish is getting fulfilled. Even Simar and family are happy for them. Vaidehi loves Piyush a lot and is very happy. But, the big twist comes in their marriage. Piyush gets upset when her marriage could not complete by Roshni, and her parents’ entry. Piyush has broken Vaidehi’s heart and taken the wedding rounds with Roshni, by lifting her in arms. Vaidehi can’t believe that Piyush has left her. She has lost everything today. She curses Piyush for making fun of her love.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

While playing the game show, the host Kabir asks Bihaan does he love his ex-wife Thapki even now. Bihaan admits that he loves Thapki. Kabir feels Bihaan’s answers are lie, and claims that lie detector machine is not working.

Kabir asks Bihaan whether he has killed anyone by burning, but Bihaan says he has never killed any person ever. Kabir can’t believe Bihaan is saying true and he has not done any crime in his life. He checks the lie detector machine. Bihaan sticks to his answer. Bihaan wins the prize money of 5 crores in the game.


Shivani’s uncle comes to Berahampur to find Shivani. Uncle asks Rangeela where is Shivani. Rangeela does not answer him and bows down. Uncle asks Rangeela again and gets worried on not getting a reply. Rangeela does not say a word and looks at Veer. Bheema and Veer laugh on uncle. Uncle tells them that Rangeela is my son-in-law, we have done Shivani’s bidaai with him. Veer breaks out that Shivani is his wife.


Veer and Sanjana’s sangeet gets happening. Veer and Sanjana perform romantically in their sangeet. Raghav and Naina are asked to dance in sangeet by Dadi. Raghav and Naina’s dance number makes the sangeet amazing by their lovely chemistry. Raghav and Naina’s romance will be seen for the first time. Naina is falling in love with Raghav, while Raghav is thinking of divorce.


Bhaiya ji auctions Suraj’s belongings to the villagers. Ragini says we will not auction, we will sell off everything for just one rupee each. She asks the villagers to take anything they want in one rupee.

Kasturi and Bhuvan come to haveli, and tell guard that they have come to buy bandhua Suraj’s belongings. Bhaiya ji is happy that Kasturi and Bhuvan are addressing Suraj as bandhua, and allows them to come in. Kasturi buys Suraj’s jacket. She says I will burn this jacket and then this will end Chakor’s problems. Kasturi goes to taunt Suraj and passes a letter to him. Kasturi fools Bhaiya ji and then leaves with Bhuvan.


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