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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: After Manish and Suwarna come in sangeet on Naira’s invitation, Kartik leaves from the ceremony. Naira sees Kartik getting annoyed and leaving and runs after him. Naira convinces Kartik. Kartik and Naira dance in the decorations carrier truck. They find romance time and make the most of it by dancing and fulfilling one of Kartik’s dreams. They will be seen showing their dance skills on Humma song. The lovers will be seen in a lighter mood.


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Naina wanted to give happiness to Raghav on his birthday and did not know about Dada ji’s demise on the same day. She thinks Raghav is angry as its Sanjana’s sangeet today. Raghav thinks Naina knows about Dada ji’s demise and still she did not care for her emotions.

Raghav throws the cake made by Naina. She has put all her efforts in arranging the surprise. She does not understand why is Raghav getting mad in anger. Raghav gives her a surprise by hurting her emotionally and leaving from the room. Raghav scolds Naina and asks her to give her divorce soon. He tells Naina to leave him, and they will get divorced soon. Naina gets shocked when he tells that he will speed up divorce process. The confusions and misunderstandings are increasing between them.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman is annoyed with Ishita for her biggest mistake to take Ruhi to police station for making her meet Suhail. Ishita apologizes to Raman and says you know I always want best for Ruhi, I can’t think bad about her.

She hugs him and asks him to just talk to her. Raman pushes her away. He says you spoiled everything, Ruhi came close to me in childhood because of you, but today Ruhi has gone away from me because of you. Ishita asks Raman not to have annoyance. She says when we have much love between us, why are we not supporting each other. She asks Raman to calm his anger and think, if their fights are making Niddhi succeed in her aim.


Shivay introduces Anika as his wife during Lohri function. Tia feels insulted after Shivay accepted Anika as his wife in front of the world. Tia loses hope that Shivay will marry her. Tia plans to get Anika killed. She hires someone to shoot down Anika. Anika was about to get shot, but Shivay saves Anika, and gets shot instead her.


Hemant believes Neela’s allegations on Dayavanti. He gets the hospital staff to do enquiry on Asha’s murder. The doctor comes to meet Dayavanti and asks her few questions related to Asha, which makes Dayavanti worried. Hemant assures Dayavanti to do justice with her, if she is proved right. Avni and Aladin’s AA company gets a new order, and needs to be fulfilled soon. Avni rescues Aladin from Ketan’s goons. Avni worries for completing the order, while seeing Aladin’s weak state.





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