Fun track with Suhani’s typical Saas avatar in Suhani Si Ek Ladki

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Suhani’s daughter in law Baby plans to fool the Birla family and take revenge by plotting a tiger attack story. Yuvaan is heavily drugged and also takes sleeping pills prescribed. The combo of medicines work worse for him. Yuvaan hallucinates to spot a tiger, and believes Baby’s story. Baby plans and makes the fake tiger attack on Suhani. Baby uses Yuvaan and makes him attack Suhani, by wearing a tiger costume.

Suhani gets injured and tells the family about the tiger roaming around. The entire family heads to outhouse for safety, but falls in Baby’s new trap. Baby makes excuses to take Dadi along with her to collect woods. The twist comes when Dadi gets attacked by a real tiger, by which she gets severely injured. Dadi gets carried away by the tiger. Everyone gets worried for Dadi and rescue her.

Doctor comes to check Dadi. He does the aid and says she did not much internal injuries, but the head injury will heal with time, she should not get any stress to mind which could be dangerous for her life. Pratima asks Dadi is she fine. Baby acts good towards Dadi.

Dadi asks Pratima why did she hire the new maid, that too so dark. Suhani sends Baby out. Baby gets insulted by Dadi. Dadi starts calling Suhani as her mum in law Amma Mai. She asks Pratima and everyone to obey Amma Mai. Pratima asks Dadi what is she saying. Dadi asks Pratima did she go mad to misbehave with Amma Mai. Suhani and Yuvraaj worry seeing Dadi’s state. Pratima asks Suhani to come along, and she will tell her about Amma Mai. Suhani asks Dadi to take rest.

Dadi loses her partial memory and assumes things which aren’t the reality. Dadi starts believing that Suhani is her mother in law. Suhani and the family plays along on doctor’s orders so that Dadi does not get stressed. Suhani takes Dadi’s mum in law avatar to help Dadi recover. The show is shifting to an early slot of 5 pm from today, 26th January 2017. With Suhani’s new makeover and fun track, seems the show is going on a dramatic roll. Keep reading.






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