Russian Roulette, kidnapping and escape lined up in Thapki Pyaar Ki


Thapki helps Bihaan in the game show rounds, while Kabir does not leave any chance to insult Bihaan. Kabir asks personal questions to know some truths from Bihaan. Bihaan manages to win the game show by his honesty. He receives the prize money of 5 crores. The crowd lifts Bihaan and congratulates him. Thapki gets happy seeing Bihaan.

Neha and Shankar kidnap Thapki, without letting family member sight them. Bihaan, Kabir and everyone realize Thapki has gone missing. Bihaan and Kabir blame each other for the happening. Shankar and Neha tie Thapki up, and torture her. Later on, Kabir challenges Bihaan for a dangerous game of Russian roulette. Bihaan accepts Kabir’s challenge. Kabir thinks to find Bihaan’s truth. Thapki fights back and hits Shankar, finding way to escape from her clutches. Will Thapki be able to reach Bihaan? Keep reading.


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