Suraj forced to beg for ‘basic needs’ in Udaan


Bhaiya ji and Ragini tease Suraj showing him the food. They tell Chakor about the kite-flying competition, and that Suraj will only get food if Chakor wins. Chakor participates in the kite-flying competition. Chakor is encouraged by everyone and is about to win the competition.

Her competitor Ragini gets tensed and seeks Bhaiya ji’s help. Bhaiya ji makes Chakor lose. Chakor argues over the cheat. Bhaiya ji angrily makes the goons humiliate Chakor publicly. Suraj gets raged and beats up the goons. He saves Chakor from getting humiliated further and does a husband’s duty. Bhaiya ji declares that now Suraj has to beg to them for food and water, and only then it will be provided to him. Will Bhaiya ji be able to break Suraj’s self-respect? Keep reading.


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