Vijay’s madness for Naina reaches heights in Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani


Inspector Vijay is mad in Naina’s love. He has become a bad guy to shoot down Naina’s bodyguard and driver first. He runs after Naina and her family. Vijay has become a problem for Naina. Naina runs along with her mother and sister. Vijay shouts to Naina that he has become murderer in her love. He asks her to hide anywhere, but he will find her.

Naina is worried and does not know where to hide. They are running for life. Naina’s mother gets unwell. Naina’s love made Vijay mad. Naina goes to get some water for her sick mother. Vijay catches her sister and kidnaps her, by making her mum unconscious. Vijay wants to blackmail Naina by using Rekha. Naina gets water and sees her mum unconscious. She realizes Vijay has kidnapped Rekha and worriedly looks around. Naina cries and shouts for help. Raja will come to help Naina. Keep reading.


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