Santoshi to ward off Trishna’s evil in Santoshi Maa

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Dhairya’s Papa is acting to be on Dhairya’s side and is showing he is totally angry with Santoshi. Kaka scolds Santoshi for entering Dhairya’s room and asks her to stay in servant quarter from now on. Dhairya asks Santoshi did she not hear what Papa said. He shouts on her to get out. Trishna is happy and thinks its first time Kaka did something right. She is glad that Santoshi will not be seen at home now.

Santoshi was keeping the black magic effect breaker thread in Dhairya’s wallet. Trishna spots her in his room and creates an issue. Trishna acts sweet to Kaka and helps him out. Kaka praises Trishna and asks her to help him become modern like them. Kaka covers up Santoshi’s plan of keeping the spiritual thread. Will the thread help Dhairya get rid of Trishna’s controlling evil? Keep reading.

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