Shivay recovers from the fatal attack in Ishqbaaz


Entire family goes in shock the moment Shivay got shot. Shivay is rushed to the hospital after getting shot. Shwetlana, Tia and Mrs. Kapoor have easy entries in Oberoi mansion and carrying out their plans well. The family is not aware of the evil women. Pinky does not let Anika along with them to hospital.

Omkara and Rudra bring Anika to the hospital. Shivay is being operated. Anika prays for him. She has belief in heart that nothing will happen to Shivay. Pinky asks Anika to leave. Pinky sheds tears and blames Anika for Shivay’s state.

Anika can’t see Shivay’s life in danger. She has saved Shivay many times, and now seeing him in critical state, she feels scared to lose him. Everyone’s prayers get answered. Shivay recovers and family is allowed to meet her. Pinky does not let Anika meet Shivay. Pinky meets Shivay and tries to brainwash him. She tries hard to fill his ears against Anika. She asks him to leave Anika. Shivay loves Anika, though unrealized and unexpressed. He clearly refuses to listen to Pinky. He calls upon for Anika to see her once, while Anika also waits to meet him.


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