Shivay saves Anika at the cost of his life in Ishqbaaz


Dadi asks the men to play dhol so that happiness gets doubled. Shivay asks Omkara to come along and celebrate Lohri. Omkara refuses. Shivay asks him to burn his anger in Lohri fire. The brothers celebrate Lohri together. The family sings Lohri song and walk about the fire. Shivay has his eyes on Anika. She stays upset as he has forced her to attend Lohri. The shooter takes his position to shoot down Anika on Mrs. Kapoor’s orders. Omkara gets a big shock seeing Tej bringing the woman, who badly accused him.

Shwetlana’s presence gets disturbing for Jhanvi and Omkara. Omkara finds Jhanvi in tears. Tej cares the least bit about them. Mrs. Kapoor helps the shooter by sending Anika in right place, so that he can get the aim set. Shivay thinks to talk to Anika. He stops seeing her with someone else. He gets in front of Anika, which makes the shooter stop.

Anika gets away from Shivay. Shivay worries for her seeing her going towards the fire. She asks him not to worry for her. She expresses her annoyance to him and gets away. Shooter tries to get the right aim. Shivay becomes a hurdle for him again and again.

Anika stays upset and walks far in open. Shivay spots the shooter at terrace aiming at Anika, and gets shocked. He shouts to Anika to alert her. Shivay runs to save her life. Shooter gets the perfect target and shoots Anika, while Shivay gets shot instead her. Entire family gets super shocked seeing Shivay shot.


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