Goenkas throw a lavish cocktail party for KaiRa in Yeh Rishta…


Naira and Kartik have a special performance in their cocktail party organized at Goenka house. They both celebrate like a royal couple. Everyone dresses according to the theme. Singhanias, Goenkas and Maheshwaris grace the party. Kartik gets Aditya and Kirti on the dance floor. Aditya wants to dance with Naira. Everyone enjoys in the party.

Singhanias get a shock seeing Goenkas’ modern style. Manish asks Naira to open the champagne bottle. Singhanias are traditional and does not like to have wine. Baisa feels awkward seeing how forward are Goenkas. Manish has thrown a lavish party and wanted to make Kartik happy. All the couples dance. Naksh dances with Kirti. They have an odd moment. Kirti gets away from Naksh, after Aditya spots them. Goenkas does not know the past truth that Naira has gone to jail once and ran away from house. Suwarna supports Naira, while Naira wishes all Goenkas understand her.


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