Swabhimaan – Meghna vows to ruin Chauhans


    Meghna gets a big shock when she sees Naina in bridal wear. Sharda and Naina have hidden this truth from Meghna. Meghna asks Naina what is she doing, when she knows what they dreamt for her. Meghna asks Naina not to do foolishness to spoil her life.

    Naina says I have taken this decision myself. Kunal’s father kept the condition for Naina and Karan’s marriage, to get Meghna married to Kunal. Meghna did not wish Naina to get married soon, as she has big career dreams. She does not want Naina to marry by family pressure. Sharda has compromised with her self esteem, and is getting Naina married based on conditions.

    Meghna asks Sharda not to do this. Sharda wants Naina to marry in Chauhan house. Meghna requests Sharda to stop this, else Naina’s life will get ruined. Meghna loves Naina a lot. Meghna feels bad that her inlaws are forcing Naina for marriage. Sharda takes Naina out to the mandap. Meghna will take revenge from her inlaws for hurting Sharda’s self esteem. Meghna takes the reverse rounds in room and makes vows to make Nandkishore Chauhan bend in front of Sharda. She wants to teach Chauhans a lesson. Kunal explains Meghna. Meghna asks Kunal to stop this marriage. Naina has made a big sacrifice and did not wish Meghna to know this. Naina gets married to Karan. Sharda does Naina and Meghna’s bidaai. Keep reading.


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