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Waaris:Mannu sees Jai’s love for Amba. He convinces Simran and Gunjan to accept Jai as their dad. He asks can’t Jai become their dad. Simran and Gunjan aren’t sure of Amba’s reply. Mannu goes to Amba and asks her to marry Jai to fulfill their wish. Amba gets shocked. Is this Mannu’s plan to kick out Mohini from home and Jai’s life? What will Amba decide?

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Tejaswini scolds Suraj’s servant. She asks the servant why is he hurting Suraj, why is he not giving water to Suraj. The servant says Tejaswini did not pity any bandhua in her life, and now when her son has become bandhua, she is crying. Tejaswini apologizes to all villagers for torturing them. She says forgive me for my mistakes, today seeing Suraj in this state, I understand what you all went through, I never imagined I would see Suraj in such state, I did all that sins being with Kamal Narayan, I realized my mistakes, help my son. No one comes forward by fear of Bhaiya ji. Suraj faints by thirst.


Rangeela has married Shivani on Veer’s order. Veer breaks out the truth to Shivani, that she got married to him. He regards Veer as his Lord. While seeing Shivani in trouble, Rangeela starts feeling for her. Some questions arise in his heart, which starts bothering him. Rangeela goes to the temple to get some answers. He asks Lord to show him the way. He tells Lord that he has always come here in temple as a devotee, he will do Jaap even today. Rangeela starts the jaap prayers and closes eyes. Shivani comes and stands beside him.

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May I Come In Madam:

Sanju has become a spiritual Baba to get Sanjana’s attention. Kashmira insults Sanju in good language. She tries to anger Sanju. Sanju understands Kashmira is provoking him and acts cool. Kashmira says Sanju is really great man. She asks Chedi and her mum to watch a miracle tonight, where Sanju will walk on hot burning coal. Sanju gets shocked and gets trapped in Kashmira’s plan.

Chandra Nandni:

Nandini’s twin Roopa played such tricks that Chandra angrily tells Nandini that she does not leave deserve his hatred. Nandini cries being the innocent victim of someone’s trap. Roopa has sent the letter to Malayketu from Nandini’s side. She created havoc in Nandini’s life as she hates Nandini.

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