Niddhi and Suhail land behind bars in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Shagun, Ishita and Abhishek made the master plan to use Niddhi and make Suhail do as they say. The blame on Ruhi is gone. Ruhi gets freed from remand home, after Suhail confessed his crimes. The problem in Bhalla house ended, but it wasn’t easy for Ishita. Raman hugs Ruhi and cries happily. Ishita has won again to get Ruhi back home. Everyone is happy and hug Ruhi. Ruhi was suffering by taking the blame on her by Suhail’s blackmailing.

Suhail and Niddhi face Ishita and Shagun. Ishita and Shagun kidnapped Ruhi and threatened Suhail to write his confession, as they have fixed the bomb to Niddhi. They fooled Suhail, by fixing tape on Niddhi’s mouth and tying her. Niddhi wanted to stop Suhail from confessing his crimes. Suhail worries that he would lose Niddhi and writes his crime confession. He gives up to Ishita and Shagun. Abhishek lands there and takes Suhail’s confession. Suhail admits that he forced Ruhi to accept the murder blame. Suhail and Niddhi get arrested by police. Ishita and Shagun won the game successfully. Suhail tells them that he will come back soon and take revenge.


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