Shivangi and Sesha join hands to kill Mahish in Naagin 2


There is Mata Rani Jagrata going on in a temple. Shivangi comes there and prays for Rocky. Pandit asks all married women to put chunri here in Mata Rani’s feet, then Mata Rani will secure their husbands, and the woman on whom the chunri falls will be the most blessed one.

Mata Rani’s chunri falls on Shivangi. Mahish comes there and creates a havoc. The crowd runs from the temple. Shivnagi asks Mahish not to kill any innocent person. Mahish attacks on a lady and a girl. Shivangi tries to stop Mahish. Mahish asks what shall I do.

Shivangi asks Mahish to be scared of Mata Rani. Mahish blows on Shivangi and makes her fall away. He asks Shivangi to go to her Maa’s feet. Shivangi says I will kill you, as I killed many devils till now, I will not let you make a girl orphan, I won’t let her face the pain of losing a mother, which I went through. Mahish gets a sword to behead the woman. Mata Rani’s effect stops Mahish. Sesha comes there by following Mahish and asks Shivangi about Rocky. Shivangi tells her that Rocky is missing. Sesha says I know he is your love, but he is my love too, I want to help you in finding Rocky. Shivangi takes Sesha’s help to kill Mahish and stop his terror. They both join hands.


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