YRKKH – Upcoming twists for KaiRa


Naira and Kartik’s compatibility test is taken in cocktail party. Everyone cheer for them. Both Naira and Kartik are blind folded. They are given the task to make the glasses tower together. They argue a bit and then work together. They make the glasses castle by their love. They make a beautiful castle by the glasses. Kirti says when the lovers won, we should celebrate. A couple sees Naira and asks did you stay in Rishikesh before. Naira says yes, maybe you have seen me at ashram. The man says Naira had her name Tina there.

The couple tells Manish about Naira’s past in Rishikesh. Kartik did not know that Naira/Tina used to fool rich people for money. How will Goenkas react knowing Naira went to jail and spent her childhood in an ashram? Kartik supports Naira and decides to marry her soon before his family creates hurdle. Kartik takes Naira to the marriage registration office. Keep reading.


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