OmRu’s plan to help out Shivika in Ishqbaaz


Pinky feels she did good for Shivay to send Anika away. She thinks all problems will get away after Anika got away. She wants to secure Shivay from every problem. She says I won’t let anyone come between me and my son.

Anika feels bad to be away from Shivay. Anika recalls Shivay’s concern. She wishes he gets fine soon. She decides not to go to him for his betterment. Shivay thinks of Anika and breaks his sleep. He finds himself in his room. He wonders where did Anika go.

Shivay reaches to meet Anika. Anika cares for him. He asks her to handle him if anything happens to him. She asks Rudra why did he get Shivay here. Rudra says if I did not drive, Shivay would have come himself, he was missing you and came, everyone scolds me, sometimes its elder’s mistakes.

Shivay says Anika, its your mistake to leave me, when I asked you not to leave me, this time you can’t do what you want, you are coming along me to home. Anika tells him that she can’t come home. Shivay asks her to come with him, else he will not go home. He asks is she refusing because of Pinky’s words, does that mean much more than his words. Soumya covers up for Shivay’s leaving. She tells Pinky that Shivay is sleeping. Pinky gets food for Shivay. Soumya asks Pinky not to wake up Shivay, if he sleeps more, he will get fine. Pinky doubts on her. Soumya says there is no plan, he is really sleeping. Pinky says I have to give this prasad to him. Soumya tries hard to stop Pinky. Pinky removes the sheet and finds Omkara in Shivay’s place. She gets a shock. They give another reason to anger Pinky.


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